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Through the combination of creativity and talent, i organize and take part in the organization of various social, cultural, educational and creative projects as a starting point to improve future prospects.

Below is an overview of current projects and education and previous participation and support to partner projects by WLP Soulvisiondesigns.

Activities Arts, (Web & Graphic)Design, Painting, Photography, Creative Writing, Aromatherapy, Psychology, Creative Concepts, Desktop Publishing, Promotion, Video editing, Workshops, Project Development, Management, Event Organization, Mediation, Accompaniment, Research, Services and Support.



- HBO Social Psychology (signed up)
- Philosophy (signed up)
- Medical Terminology (signed up)





Creative Traveling, Exploring, Investigating & Mapping

Love Locks Around The World - Map | Blog
WLP Explorer/Bucketlist Map | Bucketlist

MH370 Debris Map | Blogs

Where is MH370 - Map | Website - Post - Blogs
Plane crash, whale tail, rock, underwater volcano or Optical Illusion? - Map | Post - Blog
Santa Pola, Spain - Map | Website (backup, not active anymore)

World Sightseeing Tour - Map | Facebook Album


Workshops/Training (participation)

- Storytelling - The power of a good story (16 November 2017)
- Intuitive Drawing (27 October 2017)
- Artistic Progression Session (6 October 2017)


Video Editing

Art Compilation 2017 - Latest Art Works by Wendy-lee Pinas (14 August 2017)





My Latest Art Works

- Tea Box Gift - acrylic paint, 15x23 x7.5 cm - Finished 14 January 2018
- Blessings
- acrylic painting 60x80 - in progress
- What You Sow You Will Reap - (Part of series: 'The Psychology Behind A Little Red Car') - acrylic painting 60x80 - in progress
- Jazzy Nights - Reframing the Past (Part of series: 'The Psychology Behind A Little Red Car') - acrylic painting 60x80 - Finished 4 December 2017 | The Story Behind ‘Jazzy Nights – Reframing the Past
- Rainy Days (Part of series: 'The Psychology Behind A Little Red Car') - acrylic painting 60x80 - Finished 10 November 2017
- Aurora’s Dance - acrylic painting 60x80 - Finished 22 October 2017
- Moments of Passion - acrylic painting 60x80 - Finished 16 October 201
- The Happy Traveler - acrylic painting 60x80 - Finished 5 October 2017
- Post surrealistic - acrylic painting 30x40 - {not finished yet)
- Happy Birth Day - acrylic painting 60x80 - Finished 25 August 2017

- Penguins - acrylic painting 60x80 - Finished 30 July 2017

- Grateful Moments - acrylic painting 60x80 - Finished 20 July 2017
- Symphony of Colors - acrylic painting 60x80 - Finished 20 July 2017

- Dancing in The Rain - acrylic painting 60x80 - Finished 15 July 2017
- In Loving Memory Of My Grandparents (R.I.P) - acrylic painting 60x80 - Finished 10 July 2017
- Highschool Sweethearts - acrylic painting 60x80 - Finished 30 June 2017
- Strong Women Can Stand The Rain - acrylic painting 60x80 - Finished 15 June 2017
- The Story Of MH370 - acrylic painting 60x80 - {not finished yet)
- Somewhwere Out There - acrylic painting 60x80 - (not finished yet)
- Garden Pond - acrylic painting 60x80 - Finished 6 April 2017
- Winter Wonderland - acrylic painting 60x80 - Finished 30 March 2017
- Eternal Friendship - acrylic painting 60x80 - Finished 3 March 2017
- Peaceful Escape - acrylic painting 60x80 - Finished 18 February 2017
- Hidden Desires - acrylic painting 115x75 - Finished 15 February 2017

10 March 2017: Blog My Latest Art Works (Detailed Overview)

27 February 2017 Launch of New Art Website: WLP Soulvisiondesigns Art Gallery
New Logo : WLP Art Soulvisiondesigns (30 Aug 2017)




05 May 2017: Bucketlist Idea's: To do | Done
A list of goals, dreams, and aspirations

Do more of what makes you happy! Happiness is an inside job, it’s about how much we enjoy

The Art Of Simplicity
"I love to see the sun rise and set, to watch the moon and stars, to spend time in nature and embrace it’s peace and beauty, to smell it and make a perfume, to see life through my camera and capture the moments, to feel the emotions in a song and sing along, to fantasize and make a new painting, to learn and experience new things, to reflect and realize how blessed i am .. The art of simplicity. (WLP ©)

Jan 2017: Logo Design BeMinded Coaching

Webdesign / Photography: WLP Soulvisiondesigns Photography
4 July 2016: Launch of New Photography Website

Diploma HBO Expert Clinical Psychology
01 March 2016: Cum Laude
Graduate HBO Clinical Psychology II (Diploma)
Graduate: 01 March 2016 - Grade: 9.2
Graduate HBO Clinical Psychology I (Diploma)
Graduate: 21 Feb 2016 - Grade: 9.2

Soul Fragrances by Soulvisiondesigns

A Perfume line in progress (ongoing) | view blog


Graduate HBO BK Psychology
October 21 2015 - Cum Laude






Updates in the search of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 (blogs, maps + Docs)
29 July 2015 - recent

Latest Updates (from 2 Dec 2016 and up)
Previous updates (from 29 july 2015 - 7 Dec 2016)
Detailed Debris Overview (Gets updated via this link)
Debris Overview on Google Maps
Document prepared for research purpose: #MH370: Looking back into Batavia Area 25S 101E (HAI XUN 01’s 37.5 kHz Ping Detection’s) -27 July 2016

Early Days:
Documentation (Website):
Early days Overview (Overview of events in the early days)
Events Map (Google map/Notebook of events as they were unfolding)

Documentation Crashed Flight QZ8501
Dec 28 2014 - recent
Visit website

on Dec 28 2014, AirAsia Indonesia flight QZ8501 from Surabaya to Singapore lost contact with air traffic control at 07:24 (Surabaya LT), and has crashed in the Java Sea. The flight took off from Juanda International Airport in Surabaya at 0535hours. The aircraft was an Airbus A320-200 with the registration number PK-AXC. There were two pilots, four flight attendants and one engineer on board. There were 155 passengers on board, with 138 adults, 16 children and 1 infant. Also on board were 2 pilots and 5 cabin crew. Nationalities of passengers: 1 Singapore, 1 Malaysia, 3 South Korea, 1 United Kingdom, 149 Indonesia. Nationalities of crew: 1 France, 6 Indonesia

Our thoughts and prayers remain with the families and friends of the passengers and crew on board QZ8501


Dec 2014 - Recent

Soul Fragrances by Soulvisiondesigns | visit
Book of Research: Journals | visit
Soulvisions: Bucketlist idea's | visit
Soulvisiondesigns | visit



Graduate HSP Counseling
October 23 2014  HSP Counselor - Grade: 9.3


Certified Excel With Business - Webdesign for continued professional development in IT
August 20 2014 - Certificate


Online Workshop Basic Yoga for Beginners

Visit workshop

Documentation Shot Down Flight MH17
July 2014 - Recent
Visit website

On July 17 2014 12:31 am local time, Flight MH17 (under code sharing with KLM also known as KL4103), a Boeing 777-200 with 298 people on board, left from runway 36L Amsterdam, Schiphol, Netherlands, for departure to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. It flew eastward over Germany, Poland and Ukraine. At 15:18 hours Dutch time contact with MH17 was lost, just at the boundary between Ukraine and Russia after flying for almost 3 hours when it was believed to be shot down. On board were 280 passengers, 3 babies and 15 man crew. No passengers or crew members survived.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with the families and friends of the passengers and crew on board MH17




What happened to missing Flight MH370? - Overview
Visit Website (launched April 23 2014)

March 8 - recent: Research, Crowdsourcing & Support

This project is done in support of the families of those on missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, to provide them with as much information possible in one place.
Bookofresearch is a non-profit & volenteer project of WLP Creative Studio @

Visit project/research: What Happened to missing Flight MH370? (Launched March 13 2014)
Visit Research Map:
Google Map (Launched March 19 2014)
Visit research: Plane crash captured in google maps? (Launched March 22 2014)

By Bookofresearch

Solange Rose - A V o i c e O f C l a s s i c S o u l, (Singer Songwriter), Netherlands | visit website (available at:
Feb 2014:
Webdesign/Webmaster (New website), Webmaster, Support
Kidneys297, Aruba
Jan/Feb 2104:
Desktop Publishing (Brochure Design), Support
El Pueblo International Care Center B.V. Santa Pola & Playa Flamenca, Spain 
Website (backup, not active anymore) | Google Maps
Oct-Feb 2014
Webdesign/Webmaster, Desktop Publishing, Creative writing & concepts, Research, Promotion, Support
Online Workshop - Make your own Perfume
Visit Workshop
Graduate Aromatherapist
August 29  2013  - Grade: 8.4

NK Urban Dance for Kids 2013
visit website | Google Maps | Scores
May / June 2013
Venue Management, Project Development, Creative writing & concepts, Webdesign, Promotion, Support

UPcard Discount visit website
May 2013 - current: Reseller / Affiliate
Seminar Actualities Intellectual Property
May 23
participating class
Workshop by Soulvisiondesigns - Make Your Own Perfume visit
Jan 2013 Creator, Design
The Final Level, Big O | Dicty Productions, Eindhoven, Netherlands visit website
Jan 18, 2013 Webdesign/Webmaster, Promotion, Support
The Seventh Rose | Paula Smith, Rotterdam, Netherlands visit website
Jan 16, 2013 Webdesign/Webmaster, Desktop Publishing, Promotion, Support

WLP Creative Studio (Soulvisiondesigns) visit website

The creative work site behind Soulvisiondesigns
Webdesign, Photography, Photo Retouching, Graphic design, Art, Creative Writing, Desktop Publishing, Creative Concepts, Promotion, Workshops, Video Editing

(Launched Oct 2012)
Miss Soulange & Friends, Eindhoven, Netherlands visit website
2011 - 2013 Design, Photography, Webdesign/Webmaster, Desktop Publishing, Video editing, Promotion, Support

i-Events, Tilburg, Netherlands visit website
2008 - 2011 Project Development, Organization, Administration, Promotion, Floor Management, Accompaniment, Reception, Research, Support
Urban Bond Nederland (Urban League Netherlands) visit website
2011- current: Project development assistence, Management, research and support

Bookofresearch - Project of Soulvisiondesigns visit website
2010 - current

Growing library of Information, discovering the mysteries of life.
There are things known and things unknown
and inbetween there are doors

Next MOVE Enpretreneurs Network, Eindhoven, Netherlands (Multicultural)
visit website

Sept - Dec 2010
Region Business Days Beursgebouw Eindhoven, Netherlands visit website
Theme: Networking
Services: Presentation, Promotion, Recruitment for enpretreneurs network Next MOVE
Kick-off Next Move Tilburg 040x013, Tilburg Netherlands
| website
Theme: Innovation and Binding
Services: CMS System Management
For i-Events: Project Development, Organization, Administration, Promotion, Mediation, Floor Management. Accompaniment, Reception


End of the Year Meeting, Klokgebouw Eindhoven, Netherlands program | website
Theme: Business premises and renewal
Services: CMS System Management
For i-Events: Project Development, Organization, Administration, Promotion, Mediation, Floor Management, Accompaniment, Reception

Startpage Spiristart - Project of Soulvisiondesigns (in Dutch) | visit project
Spiritual journey in search of the truth within yourself.

Spiristart is an overview of the fullest possible spiritual, awareness-raising and self-development information, more knowledge and insight into your own self and in the truth of the world around us.
For those who do not know what a particular term or concept precisely content, there is a link to the category set with detailed explanation and information (Wikipedia) supported by some videos and documentaries.
We have also been working on the possibility of free online compilation of spiritual and consciousness-raising films and documentaries, this can be found here
Startpagina Hulpvraag & Aanbod - Project of Soulvisiondesigns (in Dutch) |
visit project
(Startpage - Treatment Demand & Supply - Selfhelp)

Did you end up in a situation where you can find no information or help?
Are you looking for personal contact with peers?
Would you like to contribute to society and find a list of charities?
Startpage Home Treatment demand & Supply is a practical and comprehensive as possible overview of treatment demand and offer in many forms. Even those who want to contribute to society can go on this homepage.

Keywords: peers, chat, forums, meeting places, support, guidance, information, charities, search tips, search engines and a list of home pages that can help you on your quest for information

Urban Dance Concours & Junior Dance Concours - Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Groningen, Arnhem, Eindhoven, Maastricht, The Netherlands
visit website
Jan - June 2008 Project Development, Organization, Administration, Promotion, Research, Floor Management, Accompaniment, Reception, Video Editing, Webbuilding

Dancebattle Event, The Level, Arnhem, Netherlands visit website
2008 Jury Dancebattles

MyBlock, Dancebattles, Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands visit website
2008 Project Development, Organization, Administration, Promotion, Floor Management, Accompaniment, Reception

Global Alliance Distribution
Gatumba Refugees Survivor Foundation
The Albany Revival Initiative

(Albany, New York)
2005-2008 Design, Desktop Publishing, Promotion, Support

Perspect: Youth Council 'Groenenhagen-Tuinenhoven' Rotterdam, Netherlands
2006/2007 Design, Desktop Publishing, Promotion, Support
JaJmusic (Futsal & Events), Rotterdam, Netherlands
2006/2007 Project development, Webdesign/Webmaster, Desktop Publishing, Promotion, Support
Deadly Sensation Dancers & Deadly Sensation Entertainment, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2005/2006: Webdesign, Flyer Design, Photography, Desktop Publishing, Project Development, Organization, Promotion, Artist Management, Dancers Management, Floor Management, Workshops, Sponsoring, Fund Recruitment, Mediation, Party Organization, Organization Videoclip & Directing, Support
Dance Entertainments, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2006: Desktop Publishing, Promotion, Support
Onsite Models, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2006 Webdesign, Desktop Publishing, Promotion, Support

Felix Photo Studio, Eindhoven Netherlands
2006 Webdesign
Zuid Nederlandse Beurs - Bushido Sports, Eindhoven Netherlands
2005 Promo, Flyerdesign, Support for Cari-bo Caribbean Workshops by Wendy Broens
Printing service via DTP-Art BV urban marketing PR communicatie
Postbus 3025, 5003 DA Tilburg • Mobile +316 470 470 00 • Email
• Kvk nr 10879961 • IBAN: NL20ABNA0429498837
Creepers Nightclub, st Eustatia, Antilles
2004/2005: Flyer design, Promotion, Support
Occasional Designs

2005 Weddingcard, st Eustatia, Antilles
2005 Birthcard, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2005 Flyer Anoosh Hairdressing, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2005 Flyer Angolan Tapas, Reggae Sundance, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2005 Flyer Reggaeton Party, Maho Beach Resort, St Martin
2005 Flyer Auto Tempel Geldrop (Car maintanance service) Geldrop, Netherlands
2005 Logo construction company 'De Greef' Geldrop, Netherlands
2005 Flye r Be a Star Entertainment, Newy Year Party "Say it Loud". Roermond, Netherlands
2006 Flyer Youth Sports Center 't Klupke summer activities , Eindhoven Netherlands
2006 Flyer Salsa King, Salsa Classes, The Hague, Netherlands
2006 Flyer Savannah Nights Party, Dynamo, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2006 ? Flyer Days of Wild (funk band), New York, USA
2006 Website Paula Smith Clothing Design, Utrecht Netherlands (now in Rotterdam)
2012 Businesscard Ron's Kitchen, Alicante, Spain
2004 First launch of Soulvisiondesigns
(2nd launch January 1, 2008, 3rd launch Februari 7,  2013 as a project of  WLP Creative Studio)




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