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***Thank you for working with Soulvisiondesigns (Check out our Activities)


The Seventh Rose

My thanks to Soulvisiondesigns
Thank you for all the designs, the website, flyers and personal business cards.
I called on Wendy-lee of Soulvisiondesigns to help me and every time again i am surprised to see the wonderful work she creates. Wendy-lee is someone you can always count on and who always does what she says. I am greatful that i have such a person as Wendy-lee who has such a pure and good way of getting along with people. That's why it is such a good feeling to work together with her.  I hope i will always keep on working with Wendy-lee because next to her talents of putting things together she is also very honest and open and let's you do what you feel is good, but is always there to give professional idea's. I will always work with soulvisiondesigns.  Thank you for your wonderful work. 

Paula Smith of The Seventh Rose Bridal Shop


Miss Soulange

A beautiful soul
Wendy Lee aka Soulvisiondesigns. Not only a beautiful soul, but also a beautiful mind with the most amazing ideas and views on what life can be like. A better world filled with passion, creations and a positive outlook. Soulvisiondesigns opened doors for creativity and passion. To become the best you can be and stimulate your God Gifts and talents in an unselfish way. I am very thankful for all the support and belief in my personal growth and the oppurtunity to sail on her talents and skills. I love Soulvisiondesigns and what it stands for and am proud to be part of it. Much love.

Singer / Songwriter Miss Soulange


Global Alliance Distribution
Gatumba Refugees Survivor Foundation
The Albany Revival Initiative

We called on Soulvisiondesigns and Wendy-lee for several critical designs, she came through every time for us. Soulvisiondesigns combines superior artistic design, outstanding service, passion and integrity, a combination that is rare to find these days. I've been looking forward to work with Soulvisiondesigns in 2008 and beyond!

Vance Irwin Parella

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